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Resident Evil 7 collectibles - Files, Antique Coins, Mr Everywheres, and Videotapes location guide

Processing Area

File 11/32: Incinerator Room Memo

Once you've gone down the stairs and through the corridors full of black stuff, go through the wooden door on your right into the Incinerator Room and check the memo above the sink.

Map: Processing Area

Continue following the corridor around then pull the sliding divider to one side, and you'll see the map ahead pinned to some shelves.

Antique Coin 7/18

Now turn around and crouch to your right to find a coin tucked into an alcove in the wall.

Mr Everywhere 6/20

Go to the other side of the mortuary room, through the door and down some stairs - at the end of the corridor by a Snake Door is a bobblehead on the floor between a breeze block and some tubs.

Treasure Photo 1/3

Back in the mortuary room, look on the metal rack next to the sinks to find a Treasure Photo. Now, return to the Drawing Room you originally entered this area through and interact with the highlighted piece of the fireplace to find some steroids, which give you a permanent maximum health increase.

File 12/32: Memo About Relief

After using the Scorpion Key to return to the Main Hall, head back upstairs to the Recreation Room (watch out for Jack!) and unlock the door to Grandma's Room. On top of the dresser you'll find this note.

File 13/32: Doctor's Letter

To your left in the same room is a side table, and if you open the drawer you'll locate another note.

Antique Coin 8/18

After using the three Dog's Heads to open the front door, go down the steps straight ahead then turn around to your right and go down the side of them to find this coin in a pot.

Repair Kit 1/2

Next, look between the two sets up stairs leading up to the house to find a metal panel you can interact with to remove, then enter the crawlspace behind and smash the crate to find a repair kit which can be used to fix a broken weapon.

Mr Everywhere 7/20

Now cross the yard to the caravan, where this bobblehead is hiding under the steps leading to the door.

Antique Coin 9/18

Inside the caravan, a coin is on the table next to the cage - you can spend the coins you've collected so far for items in the cages here without affecting your collectible count.

File 14/32: Zoe's Investigation Notes

Next to the table, opposite the television, examine the notes pinned to the wall.

Next: Old House

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