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Resident Evil 7 collectibles - Files, Antique Coins, Mr Everywheres, and Videotapes location guide

Main House

File 4/32: Home-improvement Store Receipt

After waking up at the Baker Family dinner table and escaping from your chair, examine the receipt pinned to the wall next to the kitchen counter.

File 5/32: Newspaper Article - Missing People

Now walk through from the dining area to the adjoining room with the grandfather clock, then examine the newspaper on the corner of the coffee table.

Antique Coin 2/18

After grabbing the key and opening the hatch, you'll find a lawnmower in the crawl space with the coin on top of it.

Map: Main House

When you exit the crawl space into the laundry room, grab the map from the bench next to the telephone.

Mr Everywhere 1/20

Once you've spoken to the cop through the window and he hands you the knife, head back to the laundry room and smash the bobblehead directly under the tape recorder.

Mr Everywhere 2/20

Now loop back around the house corridor to the far end by the ornate door to the Main Hall, where this bobblehead is sat on a table next to a bicycle.

Mr Everywhere 3/20

After obtaining the Ox Statue following the Garage fight and using it to open the door to the Main Hall, turn immediately left to find the next bobblehead on a side table next to a herb.

Antique Coin 3/18

Next, turn right and head to the corner of the Main Hall, then open the drawer in the unit with an angel on top to find a coin.

File 6/32: Newspaper Article - Over 20 Missing

Now turn around and examine the newspaper on a desk at the opposite side of the Main Hall.

File 7/32: Jack's Journal

Head up the stairs from the hall and through the door next to Grandma. Turn left and follow the corridor around to the door leading into the Recreation Room. Once inside, go left behind the bar and search the drawer in the dresser.

File 8/32: Jack's Memo

Cross the room and look on the table under the mounted bull's head for the next file.

Antique Coin 4/18

Just to the right of the last item, you'll find a coin sat on top of a wooden unit.

Mr Everywhere 4/20

There's also a bobblehead on top of the unit inside a basket.

Videotape 2/4: Mia

Finally for this room, a videotape sits on top of the bar, along with a television to watch it on.

Antique Coin 5/18

After watching the Mia videotape, head down the corridor to the Bathroom, then look in the toilet (ick) for another coin.

Mr Everywhere 5/20

Once you've solved the wooden statue light puzzle and squeezed through the gap into the next area, look to the right of the Crow Door to find this bobblehead.

Antique Coin 6/18

Now go through the door into the next room and examine the ashtray on the table to find another coin.

File 9/32: Travis' Memo (Front)
File 10/32: Travis' Memo (Back)

After going through the room with black tendrils, follow the corridor around to the save room near the stairs, then open the drawer under the record player and examine both sides of the memo for two more files.

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