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Pokemon X and Y item location guide

Terminus Cave

Dragon Scale - Enter through the lower mineshaft; you need Rock Smash to reach it. You'll find this inside.

Normal Gem - Examine the stalagmite at the top of the room to find this.

TM31: Brick Break - Enter through the top right mineshaft. This is the only thing inside.

Star Piece - Enter through the top left mineshaft - this is the main entrance. After descending a level, head up the ramp to your right. Follow the path across a narrow bridge to find this. You'll need Rock Smash to reach it.

Dusk Ball - After hopping two ledges, examine the rock to your left to obtain this.

Hyper Potion - Examine the stalagmite on the left side of the first big bridge to obtain this.

Heat Rock - After crossing said bridge, head south, west, the south again to find a cracked rock. Use Rock Smash to clear the path and reach this beyond.

Escape Rope - Head south after descending from the second bridge. Hop the ledge and look for this item to your left.

Moon Stone - Before descending another level, use Rock Smash to clear the path to the north. Examine the wall at the end to find this.

Iron - On the next level down, you'll soon come upon a cracked rock on your left. Use Rock Smash to clear the path. When you see the cluster of rocks, examine the stalagmite to obtain this.

Dusk Stone - Follow the same path west to find this.

X Attack - Head north on the main path. Follow the path past Black Belt Gunnar to find this.

Full Heal - Head east from Black Belt Gunnar and northeast from Black Belt Ricardo. Follow the path to reach this.

Elixir - Head back down the path and ascend the ramp to the west. Use Rock Smash to follow the platform, then slide down to the right past Battle Girl Hailey. Head north to find this.

Max Potion - Head south from Black Belt Ricardo. Follow the path as it slopes down, but stay on the narrow ledge that surrounds the mine cart. Examine the last patch of ground on the ledge to find this.

TM30: Shadow Ball - You can't miss it if you're standing anywhere near the Max Potion.

Dire Hit - Examine the stalagmite near Rangers Fern & Lee to obtain this.

Iron Plate - Head west before ascending to a new level to find this.

Max Repel - Head up the ramp and follow the edge east to a stalagmite. Examine it to obtain this.

Reaper Cloth - Hop down the ledge to grab this.

Couriway Town

Pretty Wing - Examine the bush just southwest of the Pokémon Center to obtain this.

Rare Candy - Head up the stairs next to the Pokémon Center to the train stop. At the eastern end of the platform is an item.

TM89: U-turn - Speak to the lady up here to receive this.

Mystic Water/Miracle Seed/Charcoal - Enter the house just west of the bridge where you battle Pokémon Professor Sycamore. The brunette inside will ask you some questions. Get them right, and you'll win a prize based on your starter Pokémon.

TM55: Scald - Enter the Couriway Hotel and speak to the little girl to the right of the desk. Answer her question correctly to receive this.

Stealth Power Lv. 1 (O-Power) - Head to the far right room on the second floor of the Couriway Hotel to meet Mr. Bonding yet again. Speak to him for another O-Power.

Prism Scale - On the eastern edge of town are some little waterfalls. Examine the middle patch of dry land to obtain this.

Max Potion - In the same area with the small waterfalls.

TM80: Rockslide - Use Waterfall to ascend the waterfall in the southeast corner of the town. You'll find this up there.

Route 19

Net Ball - Examine the rock next to your first battle opponent to obtain this.

Rare Bone - Make a left and descend the stairs to the marsh. Surf south, then west. Head south from Swimmer Coral to find this.

Toxic Plate - Before ascending the stairs to the northwest, continue straight north to find a boulder. Use Strength to push it south, east, north twice, then east twice to plug the whole and reach this.

PP Up - Ascend the stairs then head south through the flowers to reach this.

Yache Berry - Cross the nearby bridge to spot the Yache Berry tree.

TM36: Sludge Bomb - Up the next set of stairs.

Antidote - Back at the route start, head up the stairs to the east, then turn south. You'll find this by examining the southeast corner of the purple flowers.

Max Revive - Hop across the stones near the large suspension bridge to reach this.

Snowbelle City

PP Restoring Power Lv. 1 (O-Power) - Mr. Bonding can be found in the Pokémon Center. Speak to him for yet another O-Power.

TM08: Bulk Up - Enter the left house north of the Pokémon Center. Speak to the girl in the middle upper room to receive this.

Full Restore - On a ledge in the southwest section of the city. You'll have to slide down a patch of ice to reach it.

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