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Playboy teaming up with developer on GTA-esque game, we try not to stare

Where would we be without Playboy? Without it, who would have awkwardly sponsored our first fap? And how the hell would we have ever seen Olivia Munn in the buff without constructing some elaborate peephole periscope in the bushes outside her house? Hugh Hefner’s company just keeps ongiving, too, with the announcementthat it’s teaming up with developer Bigpoint on an MMO called Poisonville.

A browser-based game that looks set in the mould of GTA and Saints Row, it tasks players with stopping crime, gaining respect and possibly shooting Playboy Bunnies tails' for massive damage. Aside from that last fact that we almost certainly just made up, the Hef’s website promises gamers: ‘will encounter beautiful, Playboy-caliber women, drive a variety of vehicles and engage in player vs. player content.’

Bigpoint, which is also working on Battlestar Galactica Online (another browser-based title), looks to have this whole free internet gaming thang nailed. And Poisonville sure looks purdy, especially seeing as we may or may not have needlessly sexed up a couple of in-game shots below…

And in case that was too subtle for you…

Above: B000000000000000000000Bzzzzzzzzzz

Also, for no reason whatsoever, who do you think would win in a fight between a 100 foot mechanical version of Hugh Hefner and the monster from Cloverfield? Answers on a self-addressed envelope please.

Aug 26, 2010