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Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Dual Destinies Walkthrough

Trial - Day 2

Juniper Woods’ Testimony: Alone with Apollo

  • On the second statement, press the witness.
  • On the third statement, present Courtroom No. 4 Diagram.
  • Select and present “WOODS.”
  • Select and present the wheel mark on the bandage.

  • Choose “Someone else.”
  • Present Candice Arme.
  • Present the Bomb Transport Case.
  • Choose “Erase two lines.”
  • Present Ted Tonate.
  • Choose “The first to find the body.”
  • Choose “Analyze the DNA.”

Ted Tonate’s Testimony: After the Explosion

  • On the fourth statement, present Arme’s Autopsy Report.

Ted Tonate’s Testimony: The Truth

  • On the second statement, present the Bloody Writing Analysis.
  • Choose “He actually saw it.”
  • Select and present the red mark to the right of the 5/S.
  • Choose “Before the explosion.”
  • Present the HH-3000 Bomb.
  • Present Arme’s Autopsy Report.
  • Present the Bomb Transport Case.
  • Choose “Stand my ground.”
  • Select and present the crack on the LCD display.
  • Present the Missing Remote Switch.
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