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Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Dual Destinies Walkthrough

Episode 1: Turnabout Countdown

Trial - Day 1

  • Read the dialogue and watch the events unfold. When you get to make your first decision, choose “Inside a stuffed animal.”

Ted Tonate’s Testimony: When the Bomb Went Off

  • Choose “I’d better ask” to view the tutorial, or “Nah, she’ll be fine” to skip it.
  • On the fourth statement, present the HH-3000 Bomb.

Juniper Woods’ Testimony: When the Bomb Went Off

  • When prompted, use Pinpoint and select the green icon.
  • On the fifth statement, use Pinpoint and select the blue icon.
  • On the first statement, present the Phony Phanty Tail.
  • Select and present the tail.
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