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Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Dual Destinies Walkthrough

Investigation - Day 2

  • Talk about “Why change lawyers?,” “Why did you confess?,” “The trio’s friendship,” “The day of the murder,” and “Encountering O’Conner.”
  • Move to the Outdoor Stage.
  • Talk about “The stage” and “The statues.”
  • Examine the scene. Press right to change the camera angle. Investigate the broken purple statue in the background, and when it zooms in, investigate the white fragment next to the newspaper and the purple fragment off to the left. Back out, then press right to change the camera angle again. Investigate the white fragment and purple fragment that are on the prosecutor’s bench. Investigate the judge’s bench, and when it zooms in, investigate the purple fragment.
  • Examine the open window.
  • Examine the banner twice, as well as the white statue.
  • Talk about “Scuttling Scuttlebutt,” “The depths of despair,” and “Your photo technique.”
  • Move to the Hallway.
  • Talk about “Why did you confess?,” “Relation to Blackquill,” and “Courte’s planner.”
  • Talk about “Art room investigation” and “The breakthrough.”
  • Examine the scene. Investigate the wall clock.
  • Present the Stage Set Up Photos. Select and present the board.
  • Investigate the pottery on the left side of the room, the orange envelope or the blue notebook, the white mark on the table, and the winch near window.

  • Move to the lecture hall.
  • Talk about “Why did you confess?,” “The day of the crime,” “Now that the secret’s out...” and “The snitch.”
  • Present the School Camera Photo.
  • Talk about “Courte’s artistic sense.”
  • Present the Tape Recorder.
  • Talk about “Suspicions about O’Conner.”
  • Use the bracelet. Look at Juniper’s tie and Perceive when she says “and never causes trouble.”
  • Choose “The snitch.”
  • Present Courte’s Planner.
  • Talk about “Suspicions about O’Conner” and “Your report on O’Conner.”
  • Present the “Hugh” Scrap.
  • Talk about “Your other reason.”
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