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One Final Word From Russell On "The End Of Time"

Our previous entries from Russell in the Countdown To "The End Of Time" have all been exlusives. But that’s not all SFX has to offer. In the latest issue of SFX – on sale now – there are yet more revelations from Russell, some of them even more tantalising than what we've published here in the past couple of weeks (plus a massive free Doctor Who poster!). It's the perfect way to get you in the mood for the Christmas specials. And to tempt you even more in buying the issue, here’s just a snippet of what Russell has to reveal:

SFX: So will that final scene kill us?

Russell: “It’s the biggest farewell in the world. He knows death is coming. I think viewers will have a choice of scenes that get to them, in a way. You’re talking about five or six scenes. There’s one very big scene – that isn’t the regeneration – that’s the scene that gets everyone. It comes about ten minutes before the regeneration, when you finally realise it’s on its way, and it’s magnificent. So it depends which one will click with you.”