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Nintendo Switch ad accidentally reveals developer menus and twice the memory of consumer version

You know how lots of advertisements for games and computer software say "screen images simulated" on the bottom? Well, this is why: A Portuguese Nintendo Switch (opens in new tab) ad has several shots of the console's developer menus, giving the public an unintended peek behind the digital curtain.

The video has since been taken down, but the internet is forever, and screenshots have already been circulating on Reddit (opens in new tab) and elsewhere:

Truth be told, there's nothing too salacious to be found here. We can see a selection of menu items over on the left, along with an ID for this particular console. One curious detail is that the system appears to have 64GB of built-in memory, twice that of the consumer model.

Some have taken this to mean that a 64GB model is coming down the line, but it could just as likely be that, since debugging tends to eat up memory, the dev kit simply has more memory so developers have an easier time programming for the system.

In any case, the offending video has been removed, and most of us needn't concern ourselves with the inner workings of Nintendo's handheld hybrid anyway. Personally, I'm more interested in Breath of the Wild's menu than a dev kit menu.

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