Ninja Gaiden 3 tips and boss battle guide

Day 4

Prototype Goddess “Lovelace”

This monster’s arms morph into different forms, each with different abilities. First thing’s first: get the hell away from it when its arms glow red. She starts with her normal arms, which employ projectile attacks. The thing is, she’ll only use these attacks of Ryu backs too far away, so stay close.

When she switches to the tentacle arms, she can use an acid spray attack as well as a quick swipe. With Demon arms, which look like giant, sharp hands, she can perform a charge, a jumping lunge attack, and a two-hit melee attack. Just dodge everything and stab her to death.

Master Ninja notes:

Surprise. She hits harder and is a bit more aggressive.

Day 5


Otherwise known as the giant tree thing with glowy orbs. Anyone wanna guess what those orbs are for? They’re for killing. That’s what. This fight’s kind of a pain because you have to fend off waves of enemies while attacking the core on Obaba’s arm. Occasionally she’ll try to smash you with her other hand, so quickly shoot the orb on the palm of her hand with an arrow to avoid the attack.

Eventually you’ll get launched to new spot on the boss, but the general tactics remain the same. At this point the boss will use a nasty projectile attack, so keep an eye out for that. During the final assault, a force field will shield the boss from damage. Here, destroy the nearby tentacles and finish her off.

Master Ninja notes: The waves of enemy troops can quickly become overwhelming. Keeping them at bay while still damaging the core will be a tricky task indeed.