Ninja Gaiden 3 tips and boss battle guide

Day 2

IDE-1011 Manta Helicopter

For some reason the pilot of this airship thinks that ramming it into Ryu instead of using its many guns and missiles is a valid option. Slide dodge its dives, and shoot arrows at the rocket launchers under the wings. Try not to meander into the middle of the platform. Follow the prompts—when you’re on the wing and facing the turret, slide from side to side then attack the turret once it overheats. Repeat the process. Fuuuun!

Master Ninja notes:

Definitely be sure to dodge those missiles, as they will end you pretty quickly. When you have to fend off against jetpack troopers, try and dispatch them via bow and arrow while they’re airborne—if they land, their flamethrower attacks will likely result in barbequed ninja.

Day 3


So…uh…Gigantosaurus? Really? Robo T-Rex isn’t exactly a friendly dino. He mainly runs around with his head down like a big dummy before slamming it straight into the ground. Give it a few slashes while it’s down, then slide away—typically it uses a tail swipe attack when it gets back up, and you don’t want to get caught by that. After you damage it enough, its body will turn to metal and you’ll have to repeat the same processes while attacking it’s giant, stupid face. Only do this when it’s on the ground, though, as it has a nasty bite attack and can even shoot some kind of damage-dealing roar. Repeat until dead.

Master Ninja notes:

Don’t even bother trying to attack this thing until it’s on the ground. Getting hit just once or twice means game over.

Regent of the Mask

This is basically the same fight as the last time, except he has a few new moves: a five-hit melee combo, and an unblockable (and very lethal) jumping grab attack.

Master Ninja notes:

He hits harder.