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More Vampires From Twilight Studio

The studio behind the Twilight movies, Summit, is investing in more big screen vampire fare, this time developing an action-oriented take on Dracula called Vlad.

It’s the story of Dracula as a young prince, when he earned the name Vlad The Impaler. The script is by actor Charlie Hunnam, while Summit is negotiating with music video and photographer Anthony Mandler to direct the project, according to The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision Blog . Brad Pitt is producing through his production company, though it’s unclear yet whether he plans to star in the film.

Mandler has directed 10 videos Rhianna, plus others for the Killers and Eminem. Execs were apparently wowed by a test reel he prepared, which drew comparisons to Zack Snyder and his work on 300. Summit hopes Vlad will be a visually edgy and radical period movie. Well, it can’t be any worse than Van Helsing, surely?