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Microsoft and Sony kick off Thanksgiving sales with XBLA and PSN deals

Thanksgiving is a time for acknowledging the things you're grateful for: a day off school or work, the right to eat until your body threatens strike action, and the warm embrace of friends and family. But this last one's a mixed blessing: as soon as the leftover turkey's been scraped from the fridge, those demanding bastards are going to start wanting you to buy them things for Christmas.

Fortunately, Sony and Microsoft, well aware of the miserly black heart ticking limply in that craven hollow you call a chest, have come forward with a wealth of games for you to stock up on, so as to have something to do while you avoid thinking about what gifts will best appease your endlessly-demanding loved ones.

We'll have a full listing of Black Friday retailer deals soon,but until then, here are Microsoft and Sony's newly-announced Thanksgiving offers.

Above: MGS: Peace Walker, already great value for all its extras and easter eggs, is 50% off on PSN this week

There're a bunch of cut-price downloadable games available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace and the PlayStation Store, some discounted by as much as 50%. These specials are for Thanksgiving week only, meaning you only have until the 29th before feeling obligated to spend that holiday cash on others instead. Here's the full list of downloadablesale items on offer:

Xbox LIVE Marketplace (begins November 23)

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - 400 Microsoft Points
Halo: Combat Evolved - 400 Microsoft Points
Trials HD - 400 Microsoft Points
‘Splosion Man - 160 Microsoft Points
Monkey Island: Special Edition - 400 Microsoft Points
Madden NFL Arcade - 400 Microsoft Points
Portal: Still Alive - 400 Microsoft Points

PlayStation Store (begins November 23)

PixelJunk Racers 2nd Lap - $3.49
Top Gun - $7.49
Gundemonium Collection - $7.49
DeathSpank - $7.49
Joe Danger - $7.49
Groovin' Blocks (PSP) - $4.99
Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake (PSP) - $9.99
Dissidia Final Fantasy (PSP) - $9.99
Dante's Inferno (PSP) - $19.99
Metal Gear Solid® Peace Walker (PSP) - $19.99
Young Thor - $2.49
Fieldrunners - $3.49
Hero of Sparta - $2.49
Alien Zombie Death - $1.99
Monopoly - $2.49

If you fancy a walk down to an actual physical location to work off some of that holiday fat, Microsoft is also offering limited-time price cuts on Fable III and Halo: Reach, which are leaving the shelves of participating retailers for $39.99. These prices begin on Friday, November 26, and, again, this special lasts until the 29th.

Above: This is Halo: Reach, but if you squint it could almost be the original – which is also on sale

Stay tuned for our full list of Black Friday deals! It'll definitely be here... before Friday. Because otherwise it wouldn't be very useful.

Nov 22, 2010