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Mass Effect 3 weapons and armor guide

If you thought Mass Effect 2 had an impressive selection of weapons and armor, then Mass Effect 3 will knock your space boots off. There are 32 weapons and 12 armor sets available in Mass Effect 3, though with the Reapers constantly breathing down your neck, you might miss some. Not only do we have intel on each piece of equipment, we’ve charted the exact location of everything in our full walkthrough. Now you have no excuse not to look your finest just before a building-sized Reaper crushes you like a bug.

It’s important to note that while some weapons and armor become available at shops if you miss them during missions, this is not the case for most items, so you’ll want to use the walkthrough portion of this guide to avoid missing anything. Alternatively, a small number of weapons and armor are only available in shops.

On the first pages of this guide you’ll find a rundown of every weapon and piece of armor in the game (not including DLC or pre-order bonuses) along with their stats and locations. On the following pages you’ll find a complete walkthrough of the entire game with more thorough descriptions and screens of where to find everything, in the order we found to be most natural.

Weapons list

Armor list

Locations Walkthrough

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