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Every confirmed fighter in the Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite roster

Capcom characters

Here are all the Capcom characters in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. You can find the Marvel characters on the previous page! 


Capcom's diminutive knight in shining armor is making his return after a decent showing in MvC3, benefitting from his small stature that makes him harder to hit with standard combos. Arthur uses his many projectile weapons from Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts to chip away at enemy health bars from afar, but also has some strong juggle potential using his bulky lance and sword swings up close. Pinning people against the wall using the fireball barrage of Arthur's Goddess' Bracelet hyper combo is also a great way to tag in your teammate. 

Chris Redfield 

Resident Evil's musclebound hero was an interesting newcomer in MvC3, with his mix of melee brawling and ranged attacks using his expansive arsenal. Chris will be equipped with his pistol, revolver, shotgun, mines, taser, flamethrower, and elemental grenade launcher to similarly damaging effect in MvC:I. 


Chun-Li is always a solid pick in any Street Fighter game, but despite multiple appearances throughout Capcom's Versus series, she doesn't seem to get too much love in the crossover universe. Hopefully players will latch on to Chun-Li's rushdown offense full of Lightning Legs and Spinning Bird kicks in MvC:I, if only to justify her striking statue in the $200 Collector's Edition. 


Half-demon hot shot Dante was a shoo-in for MvC:I after he became a fan-favorite inclusion in MvC3. Using his wide array of supernatural weaponry - most notably his twin pistols Ebony and Ivory - Dante can juggle opponents like nobody's business, all while keeping it stylish. Just, uh, don't look too closely at his new character model's face. 


Arthur's lifelong nemesis in the Ghouls 'n' Ghosts series, Firebrand's a cheeky little demon (who you may recognize as a Red Arremer) with some serious rushdown and mixup potential. With his small stature and power of flight, he can dart around the air for an incredibly quick approach, then combo a rapid string of claw swipes before pushing his opponent across the screen with his dreaded Bon Voyage dive attack. Also, Firebrand's trademark cackle is sure to send your opponents into a rage as the Red Blaze runs all over them.

Frank West 

Dead Rising's original star has covered wars, you know - and he's also quite the adept brawler, as proven in UMvC3. Frank's playstyle still revolves around his 'level up' gimmick, where snapping photos after longer combos will drastically scale up the power of all your attacks. He once again uses bystander zombies to hilarious effect, swinging and shoving them to create rotting projectiles, and still rocks that goofy plunger jab attack at low levels. 


Mike Haggar, the Final Fight strongman often called The Mayor of Earth, fights on in MvC:I after making a huge (body) splash in MvC3 as a perennial crowd favorite. The muscular, mustachioed mayor is a heavy-hitting grappler who's just as comfortable administering piledrivers as he is slamming opponents' skulls with his signature metal pipe. He's also got a new tool in the form of those classic orange barrels, which can neutralize incoming projectiles or be thrown to create openings for offense. 


The final boss of Darkstalkers 3 is looking dapper in 3D, slicing up opponents with his giant scythe, stationary spinning blade summons, and freaky-deaky extendable arms. Jedah's air dash gives him some incredibly tricky maneuverability, and the sheer size of the space he can control using his spinning blades (both in the air and on the ground) makes him a force to be reckoned with. 

Mega Man X 

Capcom seems to have a forlorn relationship with Mega Man at this point, acting like the Blue Bomber doesn't exist to the point that we got collateral damage in the form of Mighty No. 9 - so it's nice to see longtime fans get thrown a bone with the addition of Mega Man X (or X for short) in MVC:I. He'll of course have a focus on blasting plasma projectiles every which way, and has a power armor transformation (which could function similar to Arthur's upgraded forms in UMvC3).

Morrigan Aensland 

The sultry succubus Morrigan is easily the most popular fighter from Capcom's classic Darkstalkers series, which has made her a mainstay in every MvC game. Her inclusion in UMvC3 was made famous by her keepaway lockdown style popularized by pro player Christopher "NYChrisG" Gonzalez, where she can absolutely fill the screen with a barrage of projectiles that's hellishly difficult to weave through. The gameplay we've seen so far puts less emphasis on Morrigan's signature Soul Fist spamming and focuses on aerial combos instead, so time will tell if she plays differently in MvC:I. 


Resident Evil 3's big bad returns following his surprise appearance in UMvC3, ready to gross you out with his slimy tentacles, skinless mouth, and exposed muscle tendons. Being a big ol' lumbering brute, Nemesis has achingly slow movement speed and is easily comboed - but he can dish out some serious damage when he gets a hit, or chip down health bars from afar with his rocket launcher. 


Street Fighter's time-honored frontman Ryu is a lock for any of Capcom's Versus games, and he looks as solid as ever in MvC:I. Besides flashy, crowd-pleasing Shin Shoryuken super moves, Ryu provides a nice mix of fireball-flinging space control and heavy-hitting combos up close. You'll be able to hit squirrely opponents with his Shinku Hadoken laser beam of death, as gameplay footage shows that Ryu can once again fire the beam upwards to hit opponents overhead. 

Sigma (DLC)

Not much has been shown of Mega Man X's evil nemesis Sigma outside of his Infinity Stone fusion with Ultron, but we know he'll be including as part of MvC:I's DLC in some capacity, either as a skin or a full-blown character. The latter seems more likely, given how Ultron's 'regular' version earned a spot in the roster. 


Nathan 'Rad' Spencer, better known as the Bionic Commando (the dreadlocked reboot version), is returning in MvC:I to punch people into oblivion and zip around the screen using his high-tech limb. Spencer's high mobility gives him all kinds of ridiculous crossup potential, and he can rack up some serious damage by juggling foes against the wall using a string of quick zipline hits.

Strider Hiryu 

Capcom's super-speedy cybernetic ninja is another OG of the MvC series, so it's nice to see him return for Infinite. Along with his menagerie of robot animals used as projectiles, Strider's still got his trademark *shing* sword slices, airborne dash attacks, and the twin Ouroboros drones to send out a wave of circular shots. 


X's pony-tailed, laser-sword-wielding pal is back, having proven himself as a popular (and incredibly powerful) pick in MvC3. Expect Zero to bust out some extensive corner combos, or playing keepaway thanks to his Hadangeki Z-Saber slashes and charged Z-Buster shots. As for the part Zero plays in the story mode, it seems the Maverick Hunter has been reprogrammed and brainwashed by Strider's nemesis Grandmaster Meio. 

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