Lesbian Trysts

While there are plenty ofgamer stereotypesflying around, the cultural phenomenon known as gaming is enjoyed by a wide spectrum of people. We’re not just talking about the meticulously engineered, sterile diversity of Wii ads. The internets have given voice to underrepresented communities of gamers the world over. Sites likelesbiangamers.comoffer opinions on games and gaming from a perspective not available in the mainstream. Ever the cultural cosmonauts, we were keen to discuss the social significance of these illustrations with their creator, Amanda.

GamesRadar: How long have you been drawing? When did your interest in art begin?

Amanda: I first became interested in art while at school. It was a true passion of mine and this led me to start reading comic books. My influences are mainly in the form of comic book style illustration. Someone whom I've admired immensely throughout my years involved in art is Michael Turner, most famous for Fathom and Witchblade. He is in part the reason why I now hold a Bachelor of Arts degree for Illustration – he really was that inspiring.

GR: The requisite “games” questions: what are your faves? What are you playing now?

A: Without a doubt my favorite game is Tomb Raider, the whole series is fantastic and I just love Lara Croft. I became addicted to Lara when Tomb Raider 2 was released and I've finished all of them, even Angel of Darkness, for my sins! A close favorite would probably be Heavenly Sword. I love the characterization and plot; it's an epic game in a short time frame. I'm playing Rock Band at the moment and have just completed Bad Company on the Xbox 360.