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LEGO Lord of the Rings minikit guide

The Black Gate [6-10]

Minikit #6: In the same area, bomb the Mithril blocks to open a secret zone.

Upon entering the secret zone, turn the crank right near the entrance to lower a minikit.

Minikit #7: You’ll find a loose pig in here. Hop aboard, and flag gates will rise from the ground. Run through them all in time for a minikit prize.

Minikit #8: Now smash the Morgul gate you passed to find another minikit behind it.

Minikit #9: Fire a shot at target on the ledge next to the pigpen to drop a minikit to the floor.

Minikit #10: Finally, dig up the soil in the next pen over to uproot a carrot. The bunny rabbit in the pen will then bury the carrot and give back a minikit.

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