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LEGO Lord of the Rings minikit guide

The Paths of the Dead [6-10]

Minikit #6: In the same room, there is a target very high off the ground. Shoot it to loose a rope and generate a minikit. Hop on the new rope and climb to your prize.

Minikit #7: In the next room, you’ll spot a Mithril block. Bomb it to launch a catapult at a caged minikit, freeing it from its entrapment.

Across a short tightrope in the northeast corner of the room is a climbable wall. Switch to Gollum and follow the wall to the minikit you just freed.

Minikit #8: In the southeast corner of the same room you’ll find a bonfire that will burn with Sam’s tinderbox. Do so to drop a bunch of building blocks. Stack them with Gandalf’s magic however you please: you only have to be able to reach the minikit above.

Minikit #9: Remember that gap you crossed to reach the climbable wall? Drop into it. There’s a minikit there.

Minikit #10: In the final area, there are three banners hanging down: two on either side of the gate (at differing heights), and one to the distant left. Shoot all three to snag a minikit.

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