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LEGO Lord of the Rings minikit guide

Osgiliath [6-10]

Minikit #6: There are five easy-to-spot water wheels in the Ent zone. Smash them all for a minikit.

Minikit #7: You’ll soon see the ring of fire on the ground. Just to its right is a water tower. Grab the tower and chuck it at the fire to quench the flames, leaving the minikit inside ready for the taking.

Minikit #8: The tower in the center of the area has three weak points. Throw any of the boulders in the area at all three to get a minikit.

Minikit #9: Across from the first part of this zone is another fire barrier. Hit it with a water tower to free up another minikit.

Minikit #10: In the back corner of the area is a mine cart track. Hit it in the targeted spots with some thrown objects, and a mine cart will make its way to ground level, spilling out its minikit contents.

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