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LEGO Lord of the Rings minikit guide

Amon Hen [1-5]

Minikit #1: This minikit requires you to strike six statues, the first of which can be shot with an arrow at the staircase sequence. You’ll have to use a bow from the Treasure Trove in this case.

The second statue can also be shot at the catapult section.

The third statue doesn’t require any arrows. Just punch it when you reach this ledge (you’ll have to come here anyway to complete the level).

You’ll find the third statue in plain sight on the shore when you switch teams during the level.

The fifth statue stands in plain sight on the other side of a felled tree you’ll pass during the level.

The final statue stands at the end of the beach sequence. Strike the last one to gain a minikit.

Minikit #2: You’ll have to throw a rock at this hand statue to progress in the level, but you can also destroy the remainder of the structure by attacking it. Do so to find a minikit.

Minikit #3: Just past the catapult section, you’ll have to throw another stone near Borimir to send him away. Instead, pull out a bow from the Treasure Trove and shoot the target over his head. This will release a second boulder for the catapult. Launch this to generate another minikit.

Minikit #4: Use the Uruk-hai on the golden handle to open a new area on the west end of the beach. In here you’ll find a Morgul brick. It’s one of four you’ll have destroy with Aragorn’s sword if you want a minikit.

The second Morgul block sits on the opposite end of the beach.

Morgul block number three sits atop a platform you’ll have to pass during the level. Don’t miss it!

The final Morgul block rests near the end of the beach section. Destroy the last block to get that minikit.

Minikit #5: A pair of totems sits on one end of the beach. Hook the left one with Sam’s rope to break it into pieces. Use Gandalf’s magic to reassemble the pieces to match the second totem and generate a minikit.

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