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Lego Jurassic World Red Brick locations guide

Jurassic World

There are seven red bricks to find in Jurassic World.

West Boardwalk

Red Brick #1

After shooting the switch to spawn in a T.rex, head over to the T.rex switch by the large doors and pull it.

You can now scale the rocky cliff. Destroy the LEGO on the way up to reach the ladder.

The red brick is at the top of the ladder.

Mosasaurus Arena

Red Brick #2

Take control of the Mosasaurus and roar at the three outcrops of amber in the arena. The arena isn't that big and the amber glows, so you should be able to easily spot them.

Gyrosphere Valley

Red Brick #3

Make your way through Gyrosphere Valley until you spot the large block of amber in a cliff face.

Destroy it using the T-rex. roar and build the pieces into a raptor ledge.

Switch to a Dilophosaurus at the top and destroy the black block.

You'll be rewarded with the red brick.

Indominus Territory

Red Brick #4

Spawn in an Indominus Rex and use its camouflage ability to bypass the camera.

Pull the switch on the cage to the left.

The red brick is inside.

Isla Nublar Avary

Red Brick #5

There are a series of blue platforms dotted around the aviary.

Pull the first switch to start a timer. You'll have around 90 seconds to fly between platforms and pull the switches.

If you make it within the time limit, the cage around the red brick will collapse and you can swoop in to collect it.

Safari Plains

Red Brick #6

As you enter this area, you'll spot a raptor switch.

Pull it to extend the awning on the hut, then jump up to snatch the red brick from the roof.

East Boardwalk

Red Brick #7

Make your way into the arena by juicing up the generator and hopping into the elevator. Once you're in, yank on the raptor switch.

This will prompt a target to pop up.

Switch to a Dilophosaurus and shoot all eight targets to be rewarded with the red brick.

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