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Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Gold Brick locations guide

Hall of Doom 

You can reach the Hall of Doom from the Hall of Justice. Look for this silver statue to the right of the entrance and use a demolition character to destroy it. Then use a big character to break through the cracked floor, opening a tunnel to the new area.

Gold Brick #1

You can find Mister Mxyzptlk in the swamp. Talk to him to start a fight against Lobo. Just land a few hits in between battles with minions to end the tussle and receive your reward.

Gold Brick #2

Return to Mxyzptlk to start a second quest. This time, he'll need your help fending off some birds. Take out all 15 for another brick.

Gold Brick #3

Now the Penguin will take Mxyzptlk's place. Talk to him to help escort his three penguins. The first is behind a magnetic door, the second is past a silver axe, and the third is behind an electric panel. Use the appropriate characters to open the paths and lead the penguins back to their boss. You'll get a Gold Brick for it.

Gold Brick #4

Now Poison Ivy is found in the swamp. She needs your help getting a little "closer" to Swamp Thing. Use a frost or shield character to put out the flames and guide her to him, and she'll reward you with a brick.

Gold Brick #5

Return to Poison Ivy and Swamp Thing to find them in a lover's spat; they need a special concoction to solve the problem. Use a magnetic character on the lab set (left magnet, switch, right magnet) to create the potion. Return it to Poison Ivy for another Gold Brick.

Gold Brick #6

You can find Batgirl inside the hall proper; she needs help finding some blueprints. To get them, you'll have to find 5 pieces inside 5 filing cabinets. There are two on the left side of the room, and three on the right. Bust them all up to complete the quest and earn a brick.

Gold Brick #7

Next up in the hall is Harley Quinn, and she needs help from a crash test dummy. To help her, create a custom character using the Crash Test Dummy head and torso. Return to Harley in this getup to be rewarded with a brick.

Gold Brick #8

Harley has another quest for you: therapy (no, really). To help, simply talk to the three characters on the ground floor and lead them back to Harley. This simple act earns you a Gold Brick.

Gold Brick #9

In the swamp area are five dragonflies (sometimes they glitch out and not all five appear; reset the game to fix this). Shoot one to start a timer, then shoot the others before it runs out to earn a brick.

Gold Brick #10

There are five targets inside the hall proper: above the entrance, behind the left stairs, above the central alcove, above the right balcony, and on the far right side of the room. Shoot them all to shut down a laser gate on the right balcony. Now use a laser character to melt the gold statue beyond, earning yourself a Gold Brick.

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