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Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Gold Brick locations guide

Adam West in Peril (cont'd) 

Bonus: Same Bat-time! Same Bat-channel! (Free Play)

When Joker comes crashing through the window, West will be pinned under the vehicle's gold wheel. Melt it with a laser character to rescue him.

Batcave #1

On the right side of the cave you'll find west trapped behind a glass wall. Use a sonar character to free him.

Batcave #2

Head inside the Trophy Room and move to the far right, near the Bonus Level entrance. Bust up the furniture near the fireplace, then reassemble the parts into a hook. Grapple this down to free West from behind the painting.

The Watchtower #1

You'll find West in the Containment Cells, trapped by some beam. Use an electric character on the attached panel to free him.

The Watchtower #2

West can also be found in the Laboratory, surrounded by flames. Use a frost character to rescue him.

Hall of Justice #1

Head to the middle left walkway to spot a silver statue of the 60's Batman. Blast this with a demolition character to free West from inside.

Hall of Justice #2

On the top floor of the right side is a short-circuiting Space Suit fuelling station. Use an electric character to fix the problem and free West from inside the machine.

Hall of Doom #1

On the right side of the hall entrance you'll see West being attacked by crocodiles. Take out a total of 10 to rescue him.

Hall of Doom #2

After saving him once, you can save West again inside the hall proper. On the right side of the room are some loose pieces you can build into a monitor. Use a tech character to select the symbols in order (they're displayed on a pedestal just north) to free West from his trap.


You'll find West under one of the beacons, trapped behind some glass crystals. Shatter them with a sonar character to save him.


West is near the beacon pointing to Brainiac's crashed ship. Inside the ship proper is an electrical panel; use an electric character on it to charge up. Now check the small chunk of wreckage for a conduit you can charge up. This creates a panel that allows you to pull a handle and free West from his cell.


West is trapped in a bird's nest marked by one of the beacons. Use a grappling attack to yank him free.


A beacon will lead you to West, who is trapped atop a lava geyser. To divert the flow, use a demolition character to destroy the nearby silver rock. This will lower West to safety.


Follow the beacons to find West trapped under a silver rock. It's a simple fix: blow up the rock with a demolition character.


West is trapped behind some lasers; you can find him under one of the beacons. To rescue him one last time, check the roof for a small tunnel and use the Atom to enter. Hit the tiny switch inside to kill the lasers and set West free.

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