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Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Gold Brick locations guide


To reach Qward, you must first complete Green Loontern's quest in The Watchtower to unlock the Moon Base. From here, you can build up several Lantern gates to reach the various planets.

Gold Brick #1

On this Lantern planet, Green Loontern has one last tour to give. Follow him around and take out any baddies that show up. At the end of the tour, he'll hand over a brick.

Gold Brick #2

For his second quest, the Loontern needs you to take out some yellow rats. Take out 30 as they creep out form the machinery, and you'll be rewarded with a Gold Brick.

Gold Brick #3

This time, Green Loontern needs help wrangling some of Sinestro's workers. There are five Thunderers in the area to free, and you can do so by using a demolition character to blow away their silver chains. Lead them all back to the Loontern to finish the quest.

Gold Brick #4

The Loontern has another quest for you: rounding up some "wandering beasts." Nearby are four animals chasing each other. Starting with the biggest one, you need to land a few hits and lead them back to the Loontern. Return all four for a Gold Brick.

Gold Brick #5

You'll find Mr. Freeze on the other side of locked warehouse door; blow up the silver lock with a demolition character to gain access. Inside, he'll ask you to find a new fuel reserve for his fridge. Search the area to find a sense spot, then use a sensory character to detect an arrow. Follow this to another sense spot to reveal a second arrow. This will lead you to a high tower with a glass wall. Bust through it with a sonar character, then bust up the objects on the other side to find what you're looking for. Return it to Mr. Freeze to finish the quest.

Gold Brick #6

Like the other Lantern planets, the remaining bricks here are marked with beacons. One is right near the teleporter. Zoom through the rings before time runs out to win a brick.

Gold Brick #7

There's also a footrace to complete, which you'll find under one of the beacons. Dash through the rings before time expires to win a second brick.

Gold Brick #8

There's another footrace marked by one of the beacons - it's in a room with a switch and some mushrooms. Pass these rings just like the other two challenges (you'll need to bounce and hit the switch) to win another brick.

Gold Brick #9

Another beacon leads to this laser gate. To pass it, check around the ground level for a lever inside a glass case. Shatter this with a sonar character and pull the lever to activate a platform above. Climb to this and use an electric character to drain the nearby panel, killing the lasers. Now you can use a sonar character to free the Gold Brick from its glass case inside.

Gold Brick #10

One of the beacons will lead you to this locked warehouse. To open it, bust up the crates on the roof to reveal an electrical panel. Charge this up with the electricity from the previous Gold Brick to open the warehouse door. Bust up the spinning machine inside to access the lever behind it, and pull this to open the nearby chest, which holds a Gold Brick.

Gold Brick #11

Another beacon points to the gold rock on the tip of this smokestack. Use a laser character to destroy it, then drop into the smokestack to grab your prize.

Gold Brick #12

The last Gold Brick is behind another laser gate. To get past it, look to the cracked tops of the nearby smokestacks. From the lasers, use a big character to bust through the southernmost one. Slip through the vent it reveals with Plastic Man to pop out behind the lasers where the brick awaits.

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