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Legendary Cheats

Filled with good ideas, Legendary falters in execution, featuring repetition and average FPS mechanics.

Legendary Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by YopByTheHop

    Cheats For Legendary


    To activate the console Put -console on the shortcut of your game.

    Infinity ammo - Sentori

    Invulnerability - Make me Super Humman

Legendary Unlockables

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by ttttt


    10-Piece Bucket (15) - Shoot down the low flying Griffons in Episode 6
    Animal Control (70) - Complete game on Normal difficulty
    Axe-Wielding Maniac (15) - Kill 25 enemies with the Fire Axe in Single Player
    Barf Pin~ata (10) - Destroy a Blood Spider Queen in Episode 4
    Bookworm (20) - Collect 1/2 of PDA pick-ups
    Bounty Hunter (25) - Kill 10 enemy players in a ranked Multiplayer match without being killed
    Bull In A China Shop (15) - Entice the Minotaur to destroy all Graveyard wall sections in Episode 5
    Combat Veteran (45) - Play 200 ranked Multiplayer matches
    Death To Soda (5) - Create a ramp with the soda machine using your pistol in Episode 1
    DouBull TrouBull (1) - Survive the double Minotaur attack in Episode 8
    Fair-Weather Friends (15) - Use Animus to change the frequency of an Aniform Control Device in Single Player
    Gum On My Shoe (5) - Get stepped on by the Giant Golem in Episode 3
    Gun Nut (10) - Fire all 8 projectile weapons in Single Player at least once
    Heeeeeere's Deckard! (5) - Chop your way out of the Internet Cafe' with the Fire Axe in Episode 1
    I Hate Ornithology (25) - Defeat the Griffon in Episode 5
    I Have A Problem With Intimacy (15) - Use the Animus Pulse ability 10 times
    I Will Find You! (10) - Free Vivian from captivity in Episode 8
    Jack? Beanstalk, Beanstalk? Jack (15) - Destroy the Giant Golem in Episode 3
    Jazz Hands! (15) - Look at all "The Great Langtini" posters littering Times Square in Episode 3
    Just Another Day At The Office (5) - Eavesdrop on the Black Order as they cage up a Werewolf in Episode 4
    King Of The Jungle (50) - Win 50 ranked Multiplayer matches
    Leader Of The Pack (30) - Be first place in kills in 10 ranked Multiplayer matches in a row
    Live Wire (10) - Find the Black Order-eliminating electric switch in Episode 2
    Mint In Box (40) - Collect all PDA pick-ups
    Not OSHA Compliant (10) - Cause the crane to drop the metal beams in Episode 7
    Petting Zoo (50) - Complete game on Easy difficulty
    Power Outage (10) - Take out the power to the Black Order outpost in Episode 7
    Revenge Of The Soda (10) - Escape the Nari-possessed vending machine room in Episode 3
    Right Tool For The Right Tool (10) - Fire every weapon available in any ranked Multiplayer match
    Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey (5) - Extinguish the doorway fire using the water valve in Episode 1
    Savage Law Of The Jungle (90) - Complete game on Hard difficulty
    Science! (10) - Run all Council Base lab experiments in Episode 6
    Survivor (30) - Survive a ranked 4v4 Multiplayer game without being killed
    Tenderized (20) - Defeat the Minotaur in Episode 5
    Upper Management (10) - Unlock the warehouse exit in Episode 2
    Walkies! (5) - Start and finish a ranked Multiplayer match
    Warm Fuzzy Feeling (10) - Fill 50% of your team's Monster Machine with Animus in a ranked 4v4 Multiplayer match
    Werewolf Whisperer (15) - Defeat the first Alpha Werewolf in Episode 4
    You Call This Security? (5) - Bypass the electronic lock in Episode 1
    Zookeeper (20) - Kill 10 Werewolves in a ranked Multiplayer match without being killed