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Kerbal Space Program: Breaking Ground Expansion is coming to consoles next month

(Image credit: Private Division)

Console players are finally getting the massive Kerbal Space Program: Breaking Ground Expansion, which dropped for PC players back in May. The Breaking Ground Expansions will launch for Xbox One and PS4 on Thursday, December 5 and will have all the features that were previously available on PC, and there are a lot. Check out the official trailer below.

You'll be able to strap into a new and fully customizable space suit when this expansion drops next month, but that's far from it when it comes to new content. According to the official press release, there are three major new elements dropping in Breaking Ground: exploration, experimentation, and new building technology. As far as exploration goes, Breaking Ground brings a bunch of aimed at explorable celestial bodies, including redesigned landscapes with enticing new surface features. The press release states that "players can study these new formations, craters, and minerals which will reward them with insightful scientific data to further their reach in the solar system."

In order to make new discoveries, you'll need new tools, and the Kerbals have got you covered. A newly deployed Rover Arm will help you collect minerals, a seismometer will aid in the study of geological shifts, and weather stations can help measure changes in a celestial body's atmosphere. Breaking Ground also provides a host of new robotic parts "that will allow for even more complex crafts and vehicles." That means you'll have pistons, rotors, hinges, and more at your disposal to help with both advanced motor functions and "hilarious explosive failures." Seems legit.

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