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Just Cause 3 vintage part locations guide

Carmen Albatross (Insula Striate)

Libeccio #1

Coordinates: 46.373, 33.788

On a mountain in the northwest chunk of Libeccio. Use the coordinates to get there.

Libeccio #2

Coordinates: 46.353, 35.611

This part is buried in the woods by the lake in the northern part of the province.

Libeccio #3

Coordinates: 45.177, 36.476

On a cliff between Sancte Elena and the water. You’ll have to parachute down to it.

Maestrale #1

Coordinates: 48.504, 32.743

There’s a tree-covered hill in the northwestern “hook” of Maestrale. You’ll find a vintage part at the peak.

Maestrale #2

Coordinates: 48.544, 36.301

Atop the mountain in the middle of the province.


Coordinates: 44.027, 42.107

In the woods next to Sancte Federico.

Val De Mar #1

Coordinates: 45.482, 43.594

There are some ruins just northeast of Guardia Val De Mar V. You’ll find a part buried in the woods near them.

Val De Mar #2

Coordinates: 46.521, 42.255

In the hills on the northern side of the eastern of the two lakes in central Val De Mar.

Val De Mar #3

Coordinates: 47.324, 41.983

This part’s buried in the mountains at the northern border of the province. Use the coordinates to get there.

Costa Sud #1

Coordinates: 43.629, 44.982

There are ruins at the southern edge of Costa Sud, and you’ll find a part buried there.

Costa Sud #2

Coordinates: 45.641, 45.886

Head for the water that splits mainland Costa Sud and the peninsula to the east. There’s a sandbar in the canyon there where a part is buried.

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