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John Barrowman unable to attend the SFX Weekender

Word just through at SFX towers, we’re sorry to announce that John Barrowman will be unable to attend the SFX Weekender. Guests appear subject to work commitments and Mr Barrowman’s filming obligations mean he will no longer be able to appear at the two day event in Camber Sands 5-6 February.

We’re as disappointed as you are, but even without Captain Jack the SFX Weekender is still set to be the hottest ticket of 2010 with the magical Maskerade Ball, Brain-frazzling Blastermind Quiz and the star-studded SFX Sci-fi Awards 2010. Not to mention exclusive screenings and a once-in-a-lifetime gathering of the biggest names in science fiction and fantasy. So fret not, we feel your pain and we’ll be announcing new guests shortly but for now why not head over to to remind yourself of the weekend’s other attractions.