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Jeph Loeb talks future of Marvel TV


Marvel writer/TV producer Joseph ‘Jeph’ Loeb has talked about his plans for bringing certain superhero properties to the small screen after recently unveiled plans for Marvel to conquer TV.

In an interview with Comic Book Resources , the former producer of Smallville name checked that teen hero saga as a model for how super-stories can be told without using a massive budget.

It’s expected that some projects will be announced at Comic Con in a few weeks’ time, but for now Loeb’s keeping any titles very close to his chest.

“Way too early to say [ what shows will be greenlit ],” Lopeb told CBR . “This is the challenge of finding the right property. There are some things that are best done on a big budget.

“Marvel has a vast library, and we’re confident that there are characters and stories that lend themselves better to live television. Smallville is a great example of how to do a Superman television show that doesn’t rely on being a big budget movie.”

Let’s just hope whatever property wends its way onto our screens, it doesn’t become a repetitive, derivative mess as Smallville has – the fact that Loeb worked on Smallville during its better, earlier years bodes well.

Meanwhile, the producer confirmed that Disney-owned networks ABC and ABC Family will be airing the shows (no clue what that means in terms of where it’ll air over in the UK), and Loeb couldn’t be happier. Now he just needs showrunners.

“When we look at the best of ‘genre’ television,” he says, “the stuff that sticks out for me is what’s been driven by the vision of a super talented creator/show runner. Damon Lindelof on Lost . Joss Whedon on Buffy . Al Gough and Miles Millar on Smallville .

“And as it happens, these guys are also big Marvel fans. What we will be looking for is that kind of energy for Marvel Television. People who understand and love both mediums.”

So who will be making the leap from comic book page to TV screen? Place your bets now…

Source: [ Comic Book Resources ]

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