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ilomilo walkthrough and achievement video guide

Atlantic Adventure

1) Grab the single block, place it near you and pick it up with Ilo.

2) As Ilo, continue forward, bridging the gaps to reach the extend block.

3) Walk through the gap and use the carpet furthest away to reach the picture gallery piece. Turn around and use the extend block to reach the platform opposite of your current one.

4) Pick up the block, continue forward, use the carpet and bridge the next gap. Leave the current extend block where it is, continue ahead to reach a second one. Backtrack and position this block to reach the highest tier of the platform. Pick up the first extend block and reposition it so that it extends from the one you’re standing on to the very bottom of the platform.

5) Pick up the block you were standing on and use the carpet to reach the top of the platform. Place your extend block so it extends out from the cube plate.

6) Switch to Milo, grab the single block and use the carpet next to you. Use the block to continue forward. Use the carpets and continue to circle around the center of the platform until you reach the second platform. Grab the extend block.

7) Ignore the first carpet, use the second one and use the extend block to make a bridge to Ilo’s cube. Unite.

The Dream Master

1) Take the path immediately to your left at the start, go left again at the next fork and grab the single block. Backtrack to your starting location and walk through the jump pad to travel down the curved pathway. Place the block at the end of the pathway.

2) Switch to Milo, use the jump pads and pick up the single block that you just placed. Drop this block on the cube straight across from the two jump pads.

3) Backtrack to your starting location by using jump pads, pick up the second single block and place it on the pathway directly across the first jump pad closest to where you picked up the block. Placing the single blocks in such a way will allow you to control which way the jump pads launch you.

4) Jump across the two jump pads, use the carpet and grab the picture gallery piece. Backtrack and use the jump pads to land on the curved pathway opposite Ilo’s location. Follow the path and unite.

Sebastian’s Story II

1) Immediately switch to Ilo and move up to the monster block.

2) Switch back to Milo and travel past the monster block. Grab the single block, place it to make a bridge from the monster block to the next platform, then place the block to the side of the floating cube and stand on it.

3) Switch to Ilo and press the plunger button. Grab the trap door block with Milo and use the plunger button to return him to the central pathway. End by distracting the monster block.

4) Switch to Milo, walk past the monster block so you’re near Ilo’s location and hand off the trap door block. Move back and distract the monster block.

5) Switch to Ilo, grab the block and place it to the side of your pathway to reach the underside. Continue forward and use the series of carpets. Use the trap door block here to reach the extend block. The picture gallery piece can a be reached by using the trap door block to access the underside of the cube on which the extension block was found.

6) Backtrack with the extend block in hand and place it into the gap just past the monster block. This allows the moving beast to cross a platform and step on a plunger button.

7) Snag the trap door block and head to the section of the platform where blocks are being moved by plungers. Use just one carpet and head over to Milo, using the trap door block to maneuver around the obstacles and unite.