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HD remasters of the classic Lion King and Aladdin games have leaked

Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis classics The Lion King and Aladdin are getting HD remasters and releasing on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch this fall. The news first leaked out of GameStop Con by Twitter user @wolverinefactor and was later confirmed by GameXplain with an image of the collection's marketing material and case designs.

Reportedly, both games will be bundled into one HD remaster collection and will be playable in the original and 1080p resolutions. Both the original and SNES/Genesis soundtracks will be included as well as additional features, as confirmed by a separate source to Gematsu. Apparently, you'll be able to give the wheel to the game for instructionals and fast-forward and rewind to any point in the game.

If there are two games that taught me patience and determination as a kid, they would be The Lion King and Aladdin. It's astonishing to think these games were primarily marketed toward children, because I'm pretty sure my 20-plus years of video game experience still won't be enough to spare me from their ass-kickery.

Of course, we're still one stop short from an official announcement; at the time of this writing, the news has yet to be confirmed by a studio or developer. That said, the leaks are very convincing and have been corroborated by a reputable source in Gematsu. Either way, it doesn't sound like we'll be waiting long for official word - reportedly, pre-orders will open at GameStop Wednesday.

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