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Halo 4 multiplayer guide


On a moon being harmed by radioactive material, Meltdown offers both asymmetrical and symmetrical gameplay where vehicles and infantry can fight side by side in hectic combat. Like Exile, Meltdown’s main path runs around the middle of the map, a path that vehicles can use in battle.

Above this main path, players can take out one another on rocky paths. The best thing about Meltdown is that it plays friendly to all loadouts and game modes. Want to use an assault rifle? Go ahead. Want to duke it out in some Capture the Flag? Right on, brother. Meltdown is extremely unique and satisfyingly gorgeous.

Power Weapons

Other Weapons

Needler x 2
Random Drop Weapons


Ghost x 4
Mongoose x 2
Warthog x 2

Gameplay Tips

Meltdown’s gameplay is pretty straightforward. If you’re sticking to vehicles, hang out below ground, but watch from above as foes can fire down the incineration cannon and railgun at any time. Players taking the higher road should be ready for both ranged and close-quarters combat as you dwindle around corners and slopes. Once again, every ability can be utilised well in Meltdown, especially if you’re looking to camp from above and pick apart enemies below.

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