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Halo 4 multiplayer guide


Another possible Halo 4 favourite is Longbow. Longbow takes place in a frigid, snow-covered climate and is likely the game’s largest map. Longbow is extremely unique in that it’s so massive in scope and available for vehicular gameplay, yet it allows for major infantry battles amongst its several bases strewn out in every corner of Longbow.

Power weapons are widely available throughout the map and should be used in conjunction with your primary weapon, which we suggest is some sort of rifle apart from the standard assault choice. It should also be noted that Longbow is one of the game’s maps that hosts several of Halo 4’s newest game modes - one reason it was designed in the first place according to 343 Industries.

Power Weapons

Sniper Rifle x 2
Random Drop Weapons


Turret x 2
Warthog x 4
Mongoose x 2
Ghost x 2

Gameplay Tips

Longbow is a gorgeous map, filled with endless gameplay opportunities. Vehicles aren’t absolutely vital here, mainly due to the waves of power weapons available, along with the absence of a Banshee, but if you’re one who likes to control vehicles, then you’ll definitely want to jump in your vehicle of choice.

If you chose to duke it out on the ground, then you’ll want to run and grab a power weapon in defence of vehicles. The only downside to Longbow is for assault rifle lovers. Assault rifles nearly useless here and offer little chance for headshots, which are important for success in Longbow in any game mode.

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