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Halo 4 multiplayer guide


Somewhat like Meltdown and Halo 3’s Narrows, Solace offers asymmetrical gameplay apart from vehicular combat. The map will likely become folks’ favourite Capture the Flag map as it offers above ground support with below escape patterns. The map itself is described as a testament to the Forerunner’s power and features a beautiful centrepiece light that extends far above the map’s containment.

Power Weapons

Energy Sword
The energy sword is located in the middle of the map, underground. It rests directly beside the centrepiece light we just alluded to.

Other Weapons

Sniper Rifle x 2
Random Drop Weapons

Gameplay Tips

There will undoubtedly be a number of players quickly rushing below to obtain the energy sword and incineration cannon, so lobbing grenades in that general direction might not be such a bad idea. Otherwise, be prepared for quick battles above, as you weave in and out of cover. If you’re team has a sniper in one of the towers, you shouldn’t need to worry about getting sniped from above, but if not, be on the look out for enemy presence in that area. We also found that hugging the edges of the maps gave us success, because we could generally see opponents crossing the centre, and others popping up from beneath the map.

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