GTA 5 Peyote Plant location guide

Peyote Plants 1-10 

1: Mount Chiliad

From the cable car stop at the top of Mount Chiliad, head southeast over the path and look next to the pair of small red flags.

2: Chamberlain Hills/La Puerta

Find the baseball ground on the Chamberlain Hills/La Puerta border, then look between the trees behind the batting cage.

3: Raton Canyon

You'll need a helicopter to reach the top of this rocky outcrop in Raton Canyon, before grabbing the peyote sat in the middle.

4: Mount Gordo

Follow the path through Mount Gordo, then look at the base of a tree by the lake.

5: Los Santos International Airport

Behind Los Santos Customs, look next to the forklift and wrecked bus.

6: Pacific Ocean

At the far end of Del Perro Pier, line yourself up with the concrete pillar left of centre as you look out to sea then dive down to the base to find this underwater peyote.

7: Tongva Hills

At Two Hoots Falls, look on the rocks to the south of the stream below the waterfall.

8: Raton Canyon

Follow the path up to the viewing platform at the top of Raton Canyon, then look on the ground just to the right.

9: Paleto Bay

In the park in north Paleto Bay, find a bench on top of a raised mound and look at the opposite end to the bin.

10: Vinewood Hills

North of these Vinewood Hills houses, look to the side of this drain entrance.

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