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Groping breasts bad. Brushing away insects good. The important lessons in Dream Club Zero

In Japan, a hostess is a woman who works at an expensive bar where she's paid to drink and flatter her male customers. Depending on the club, the job may or may not involve %26ldquo;after,%26rdquo; a practicewhich hasthe hostess accompany her customer off site to have sex. In those cases, it's plainly exploitative prostitution. Sounds like a perfect videogame premise, right?

Dream C Club and the upcoming Dream Club Zero for the Xbox 360 simulate a hostess club sans all the dirty stuff like STD testing, protection money, and cirrhosis of the liver. Dream Club Zero contains a few new additions to the dating sim series and itsentirely-innocent goal of winning the heart of one lucky girl (it's not sexual at all).

One of the new mechanics is called the %26ldquo;Dream Insect,%26rdquo; a bug that will occasionally fly near a hostess when you're trying to woo her. Brush off the insect without copping a feel and you'll be rewarded with a message reading %26ldquo;good%26rdquo; and a thankful hostess. Fail to be decent and insteadgrope the lady unsuspectingly, and you'll be treated to an angry hostess.

Bad! No unwanted touching! No really. Assaults involvingunwantedgroping are common enough in Japanthat on busy train lines in Tokyo there are women-only cars during rush hour. There are also signs that read %26ldquo;groping is a crime%26rdquo; posted in most train stations.

It's not surprising that groping would make an appearance in a Japanese dating sim, it's just fun to point out. Carry on. Riiiight after this...

Above: Her face says "no," but the giant pink hearts shooting out of her back suggest otherwise...

[Source: Andriasang]

Dec 7, 2010

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