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Get a free PS4 Pro bundle with this terrific Samsung S9 Plus or iPhone 8 UK deal

Get a free PS4 Pro bundle with this terrific Samsung S9 Plus or iPhone 8 UK deal
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Free consoles thrown in with mobile deals are slowly but surely starting to become very viable and attractive deals. Before they seemed to be a way of getting rid of stock of unwanted, lower-quality phones that had no real attraction, but no these cheap mobile deals offer a great way to pick up a free console along with a pretty good handset. We know the word 'free' gets thrown around rather loosely in this context - it never is quite free, is it - but these two deals we've picked out genuinely do save you hundreds of pounds and make great cases for themselves. Not everyone can afford the cost of these items individual and upfront anyway, so spreading them out on a monthly basis can be a very attractive proposition. 

Anyway, to specifics: the two deals we've picked out today bag you a free (look, I'm going to have to refer it as that) PS4 Pro console with a copy of Marvel's Spider-Man. One is for a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and the other for an iPhone 8. That is a £350 bundle right there and one of the foremost and premium consoles of this generation with one of two great phones. There's actually a whole host of mobile phone deals offering this bundle at and they really do represent some of the best free gaming console deals we've seen. These are undoubtedly some of the best PS4 bundle deals currently going and the fact that you can get it tied into your next mobile phone upgrade seems like a blinding way to get loads of tech for free.

Best phone deals today

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus + 50GB data a month + FREE PS4 Pro Spider-Man bundle | £52.50 a month at EE via fonehouse
A cracking deal on one of the larger variants of Samsung's recent flagship line. Plus it'll get you one of the best consoles ever; what's not to like?View Deal

iPhone 8 + 50GB data a month + FREE PS4 Pro Spider-Man bundle | £50.50 a month at EE via fonehouse
For those looking to stick with Apple, this iPhone 8 package is a little less new on the handset front but its a solid phone you'll still bag that excellent PS4 console for free.View Deal

This is a great example of one of the best cheap Samsung Galaxy deals you'll be able to get your hands on right now. You'll get the S9 Plus handset plus the PS4 Pro bundle for £52.50 a month with no upfront cost and after cashback. This bags you a sizeable 50GB of data a month too, which should you see right for whatever you use your phone for. The S9 Plus remains a quality phone, and laid a lot of the groundwork - and shares a lot of the same characteristics - for its successor, the S10, one of the best gaming phones. Therefore, while it's a tiny bit older, you're still getting a recent flagship model, and the bigger model at that too. We estimate you're saving about 200-odd quid here, when you consider things individually. Worth it.

As cheap iPhone deals go, this iPhone 8 deal is very decent. A slightly older phone again, but we all know how well Apple's phones hold their value. This means you're always likely to get a better deal on an older model, particularly with a free gift. Anyway, the 8 is still a very good phone and will certainly attract if you want to stay on the iOS train, get a slightly older one for a family member, or just don't really care about having the latest and greatest. You'll get the 64GB version of the iPhone, 50GB of data, plus that sweet, sweet Spider-Man flavoured PS4 Pro for £50.50 a month (no upfront cost deals and after cashback).

In terms of Sony's console, it might drop in price soon particularly given the confirmation of PS5 and next month's PS4 Black Friday deals,  but it might not go down much, and, as I mentioned above, spreading costs of tech over months is far more agreeable sometimes. 

Not due an upgrade or want to see what happens with the PS4 Pro this sales period? Bookmark our Black Friday game deals hub to stay across all the offers and deals.

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