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Get a free PS4 bundle with this cracking Samsung S10e or iPhone 7 Plus deal

Get a free PS4 bundle with this cracking Samsung S10e or iPhone 7 Plus deal
(Image credit: Sony/Apple/Samsung)

Often considered only for rubbish phones that you'll never use, free consoles on mobile deals are much more appealing nowadays. And we've found a couple of awesome ones for your consideration this weekend. The main draw here is a FREE PS4 bundle centred around Fortnite that has the 500GB console, Fortnite and its Neo Versa package and an extra DualShock 4 controller.

We think two of the best ways you can nab this bundle for free is with a genuinely good deal on a Samsung Galaxy S10e and the quality iPhone 7 Plus. Plus, each deal has a cashback amount on it too, so there is already a discount to be taken advantage of. All of these deals are available through and are some of the best free gaming console deals we've seen.

This is a great example of one of the best cheap Samsung Galaxy deals you'll be able to get your hands on right now. You'll get the S10e handset plus the Fortnite PS4 bundle Switch in grey, all for from £47.50 a month with no upfront cost and after cashback. Just note that the default deal on the page offers a slim 1GB of data, but there are a whole host of larger bundles and deals listed underneath. The S10e is a quality phone, which shares a lot of what makes its big brother, the S10, one of the best gaming phones out there. Therefore, while it's a bit smaller, and a touch less beastly, you're still getting one of the variants of Samsung's flagship line. Worth it.

As cheap iPhone deals go, this one with the 7 Plus is pretty bloody good as well - though you will have to 'tolerate' a slightly older phone to truly get the most out of the deal. However, the 7 Plus is still a very good phone nonetheless. It's particularly good if you're in the Apple ecosystem already and are looking for a familiar handset but with a bumper free gift to sweeten the deal. Here, you'll get the 32GB version of the iPhone itself, plus that sweet, sweet Fortnite PS4 bundle from £46 a month (no upfront cost deals and after cashback). Be wary of the fact that, again, the default deal on the page is only 1GB of data, but there are so many more beneath that on the link to choose from.

Samsung Galaxy S10e + no upfront cost + FREE PS4 bundle | from £47.50 a month
A cracking deal on one of the variants of Samsung's flagship range. And it'll bag you one of the best consoles ever, and with a timely Fortnite bundle to enjoy. What's not to like?View Deal

iPhone 7 Plus + no upfront cost + FREE PS4 bundle | from £46 per month
For those looking to stick with Apple, this 7 Plus package is a little less new on the handset front but its a solid phone and the package will get you that excellent PS4 console for free.View Deal

These are undoubtedly some of the best PS4 bundle deals currently out in the wild and the fact that you can get it tied into your next upgrade on your phone seems like a blinding way to get loads of tech for free. We wholeheartedly recommend investigating these.

In terms of Sony's console, particularly given the confirmation of PS5, we don't know quite what to expect in terms of next month's PS4 Black Friday deals. All the same, the consensus is their price will definitely drop. However, it might not drop to free-with-your-next-phone kind of levels. Still, if you fancy waiting or aren't due a phone upgrade yet, then it is worth seeing how Sony's machine and games will stack up during the Black Friday game deals generally.

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