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Get a free PS4 bundle or PSVR starter pack with these Xperia mobile deals from EE

Get a free PS4 bundle or PSVR starter pack with these Xperia mobile deals from EE
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Even before the Black Friday game deals properly kick in later this month, getting a games console for free is a delectable opportunity, and one to take seriously. Getting it tied into a mobile phone upgrade - something you're likely to need at some point anyway - is an even better thing. And if that is the case for you, and you need a new phone (or if a family or friend does) then you need to check out these deals from EE. Right now, the mobile behemoth is offering one of four Sony Xperia phones, with a minimum of 10GB of data per month, and are throwing in a free PS4 bundle or PSVR package, all from £28 a month. There are no upfront costs for the phone. The most important thing to remember and note now is that these deals end this Monday the 4th of November.

This means these are excellent bargains. But what do those bundles actually contain? The free PS4 bundle includes the 500GB console, an extra DualShock 4, and 12-months of PS Plus: that's basically £300 worth of stuff and is such good value for money. The PSVR pack is a starting bundle, and so would best to apply to those who already have one of Sony's consoles. It contains the headset, the camera and a download code for PSVR Worlds. The console bundle saves you more money all in, but the PSVR one is a great offering for those that already have a PS4 console.

Often, these free gift mobile deals come with, let's say, less-than-great phones. Certainly not the flagship-level that most want to consider when looking at a phone upgrade. But these offerings demonstrate a move away from that as they are all worthy phones and certainly good enough for most everyday mobile users. But we seem to be moving away from that trend and this deal demonstrates that. Our pick is probably the Xperia 10 for £34 a month. This is the 64GB version of the phone that comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, a 13 megapixel main camera and 5 megapixel front camera combo, a 6-inch Full HD screen, and a decent 2870 mAh battery. It also retains the audio jack that so many phones are ditching nowadays (cough, iPhones, cough). It's a great, solidly performing Android phone. It might not be a truly flagship phone, or one of the best gaming phones, but, in a world where manufacturers' more regular handsets are at flagship-lite levels, all these Xperia models are excellent in their own right, easily agreeable and competent enough to commit to for a 24 months and to bag you all that glorious loot.

Sony Xperia 10 + free PS4 bundle OR free PSVR | 10GB data | from £34 a month at EE
With no upfront cost or added on premium for the free gifts, this is essentially a very reasonable normal monthly cost, for a good phone and whole host of PS4 goodies for absolutely nothing.View Deal

Sony Xperia 1 + free PS4 bundle OR free PSVR | 10GB of data | from £64 a month at EE
A bit more expensive but you get a better quality Sony handset with this deal. If you're looking to maintain a high-end phone, this one is for you.View Deal

Sony Xperia L3 + free PS4 bundle OR free PSVR | 10GB of data | from £28 a month at EE
The most budget and affordable option. This is the most lightweight phone but will still do you just fine for use.View Deal

Sony Xperia 5 + free PS4 bundle OR free PSVR | 30GB of data | from £59 a month at EE
The 'biggest' bundle in a way. This will bag you a real good phone, and an enormous whack of monthly data for you to burn through.View Deal

To keep you totally abreast of what's going on, some of these deals also include EE's swappable benefits and again, to remind you these offers end this coming Monday, the 4th of November.

This is probably one of the best PS4 bundles we've seen in a while such is its value. We might not see anything like it until the PS4 Black Friday deals roll around next month.

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