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Get 400GB of Switch storage for under $50 with this Black Friday deal

Black Friday SD card
(Image credit: SanDisk)

Some of the best Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals aren't really labeled as such, like this 400GB SD card which is currently available for just $45.99 on Amazon. 

The default Switch storage is pretty limited, so an SD card upgrade is a must if you plan on installing more than a handful of games. Fortunately, the 400GB model of the SanDisk Ultra micro SD card has gotten a massive discount this Black Friday season. At $45.99, the price-to-space ratio here is off the charts.  

SanDisk Ultra 400GB micro SD card | $45.99 at Amazon

SanDisk Ultra 400GB micro SD card | $45.99 at Amazon
Kiss those capacity concerns goodbye with a hefty and remarkably affordable SD card from SanDisk, one of the most trusted card makers for the Nintendo Switch, cameras, and smart devices including phones and tablets.  

For comparison, the 512 GB version of this SD card currently goes for $82.53 after its own discount is factored in – by no means a bad deal, but that extra 112GB nearly doubles the price. Meanwhile, the 200GB version is available for $25.99, or just over half the price of the 400GB. For most Switch owners, 400GB of space will be more than enough, so the 400GB version is the best bargain here. Whether you're slotting it into your phone, Switch, or camera, this SD card will leave plenty of breathing room for your wallet and all your devices.

For more storage savings, check out this 2TB Samsung 860 EVO SSD, which is $50 off for Black Friday. 

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