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FortressCraft hits $1 million sales, becomes best-selling Xbox Live Indie game

%26ldquo;The success of FortressCraft is easy to understand after playing it. It's a game in which you have an amazingly varied number of materials at your fingertips so you could begin to build your dream home, a massive network of dungeons, or even an alien world,%26rdquo; wrote Projector Games's media manager ViraGunn on the studio'sofficial forum.

Highlighting FortressCraft's 84% trial to purchase conversion rate, she added: %26ldquo;The XBOX community has taken notice of this gem of a game and the conversion numbers (the percentage of people who download the demo and then go on to purchase the game) prove just that.%26rdquo;

Released on April 8th, 2011, FortressCraft allows players to import their Xbox Avatars into a randomly generated world and create whatever they please using a variety of blocks, items and abilities. Naturally, the game has been heavily compared to Minecraft, and in aninterview with Wolf's Gaming Blog,creator DJArcas admitted the success of Markus %26ldquo;Notch%26rdquo; Persson's block game informed FortressCraft's development, explaining, %26ldquo;Whilst Minecraft wasn%26rsquo;t even close to being the first Vox-based building game (Voxlap was out in 2002!), it%26rsquo;s by far and away the most popular one. Most people who%26rsquo;ve played FortressCraft have said that whilst it%26rsquo;s superficially like Minecraft, it doesn%26rsquo;t have the same feel at all.%26rdquo;

In a separateArs Technica interview with Notchhimself, the Mojang studio co-founder said he believes all developers grow by adapting great ideas, but added: "FortressCraft is an obvious attempt to just take something popular and clone it as closely as possible. I still think it's important that people are allowed and able to do things like that, but it's hardly graceful."

The firstof six FortressCraft chaptersis currently available for 240 Microsoft Points (US$3). No word yet on whenChapter 2is set to drop.

Aug 11, 2011