Fortnite Blockbuster Challenge hidden stars up to 7 different weeks

The Blockbuster Challenges from Fortnite Season 4 are now finished and no longer available. For the similar challenges in Fortnite Season 7, make sure you check out our Fortnite Snowfall Challenges guide.

For those who aren't already aware, you earn Fortnite Blockbuster Challenges by completing all the Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges from the same week. Each week of Battle Pass Challenges you complete in full unlocks a new loading screen, which in turn gives clues to the location of some extra hidden Battle Stars for you to collect on the Fortnite map. Remember that these bonuses will only appear when you finish every Fortnite Battle Pass Challenge for an individual week, so don't think you can just head to any of the locations shown here and grab them without putting in the hard work first.

Fortnite Blockbuster Challenge rewards

Managed to complete all of the Battle Pass Challenges in seven different weeks? Congratulations, the reward for your dedication is this very cool legendary outfit. As well as The Visitor skin, you also get the legendary Offworld Rig back bling, allowing you to add a cape to your character. And that's not all - you can also customise the head display to one of four different versions as well - Crosshair, Visualizer, Smiles, and Mandible! You'll be the envy of other players when they see The Visitor heading in their direction.

If you collect all the hidden Battle Stars revealed in the seven loading screens you unlock, as outlined below, then you'll also receive this bonus Retrofit loading screen for your trouble. This shows The Visitor hard at work on a missile display, foreshadowing the missile launch that triggered the Fortnite map changes seen towards the end of the season.


Fortnite Blockbuster Challenge hidden stars location - 7 Weeks

The Visitor

This final loading screen shows the new Blockbuster character The Visitor emerging from what looks like a capsule. If you've explored the research area set up in the middle of Dusty Divot then you may recognise the location, which is where the large meteor was being examined. Head inside the building in the centre of Dusty Divot and climb on top of the capsule to collect your last hidden Battle Stars.


Fortnite Blockbuster Challenge hidden stars location - 6 Weeks

That's a Wrap!

What looks like a lovely little catch up after filming is complete is obviously posting you directions to those free Battle Stars if you complete the next set of challenges. Although originally located at Greasy Grove, the Fork Knife food truck shown in the background has now moved to the small plaza north of the stadium by Junk Junction, so head there and you'll find your bonus stars on top of the vehicle. 


Fortnite Blockbuster Challenge hidden stars location - 5 Weeks


There's an epic superhero battle going on here, but if you look closely at the remains of the wall in the background, you'll see a stencil of a crab with the Battle Star above it. This refers to the large crab statue, and if you're not familiar with it (it was the location of one of the first Battle Pass Challenges back at the start of Season 3) then it can be found on the south coast of the island below Moisty Mire. Land on its back or build up to it and your reward will appear.

Fortnite Blockbuster Challenge hidden stars location - 4 Weeks


Take a look in the background of this scene, in the middle towards the top, and you should be able to spot a Battle Star hiding away behind the flag. If you don't recognise the area, it's the secret missile bunker built into the hill east of Snobby Shores. Glide in or build up to the bunker, then when facing the console with the hologram projection build up to the right of the missile to collect your reward.


Fortnite Blockbuster Challenge hidden stars location - 3 Weeks

A Looming Threat

If you check out the detail on the hologlobe our heroes are studying here, you can make out another Battle Star hovering over a hill by a river. This translates to the hill west of Fatal Fields, and if you look between the three trees there your reward will appear.


Fortnite Blockbuster Challenge hidden stars location - 2 Weeks

At Last… I Am Free

Look carefully at the prison wall in the background, and you'll see four codes scrawled on it - A4 B4 B3 A3. Head to the area of the map where these four coordinates intersect, which is in the northwest between Haunted Hills and Snobby Shores, and you'll find a bare patch where your reward will appear.


Fortnite Blockbuster Challenge hidden stars location - 1 Week

Quiet on the Set!

If you look closely at the background of this movie scene, you should just about be able to see the outline of a Battle Star on top of the prison tower near the explosion. Land near Moisty Mire on top of the northeast tower of prison (or build up to it) and your reward will appear on the ledge closest to the woods.

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