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Flash Forward Takes An Extended Break

After last night’s episode in the US, there will be no more new episodes of Flash Forward broadcast until March, US Network ABC has confirmed.

According to TV an ABC spokesperson told them, “the later date will allow the serial drama to air new episodes back-to-back without repeats.”

But with news that production was also put on hold , worries about tumbling ratings and the departure of original showrunner Marc Guggenheim, leaving just David Goyer in charge, you can’t help but assume that some emergency behind-the-screens rethinks are taking place to get the show back on course.

FlashForward premiered with impressive viewing figures of 12.4 million in October, and was swiftly given an order for a full season. Since then, ratings figures have been in freefall, with the latest episode attracting only 7.97 million viewers. Which might have something to do with the fact that, though it's full of great ideas, it is just a tiny bit… well… dull…

So, what would you do to pep up the show when it comes back?