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Finally... glow in the dark game controllers

We've already hadjoypads with fans in themandjoypads with massive keyboardsand now we have ones that are lit up with christmas lights. Called Afterglow, they're manufactured by US peripheral company PDP.

Connoisseurs of third-party products may recognise these (we didn't) as they'vebeen around for a while, but these are new and updated and improved. Among other things - like making pretty colour trails as you move them around - they'll enable you to find your controller at night during a power cut.

While every cell in our body is screaming out to be cynical about these little glowing rave pads, we actually think they're kind of cool. Ultimately, the test will be whether they feel good in the hand; as experienced gamers will know, any number of fancy gimmicks doesn't make up for a dodgy D-pad.

So, if PDP want to send us some free ones we'll promise to review them with no hint of sarcasm or facetiousness. We'll even act like they're a new idea. And we definitely won't sell them for profit on eBay.

Currently thesecontrollers are only for sale in the US (priced between $14.99 and $29.99) but we'll let you know if any UK-based retailers decide to stock them.

Do you own any third-party controllers? Are they any good? And do they light up as bright as these? Let us know onFacebook,Twitterand in the comments below.

April 15, 2010

I hate the 267.