FIFA 19 TOTW (Team Of The Week) guide: the best cards you can buy for under 25,000 coins

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As the game winds down ahead of the new season, building a super team using FIFA 19 TOTW cards has never been easier – and for those still committed to playing FIFA 19 daily there's plenty of in-game moolah to be made. With the aid of GR’s FIFA 19 Ultimate Team coins guide, you still have two months to snap up cards and sell on at a profit before the advent of FIFA 20 is upon us.

Below I’ve put together a master list of affordable FIFA 19 TOTW cards that are worth grabbing – either to improve your team, or for quick monies when flipped on the transfer market. Prices are subject to change, but at this stage of the game any 84-rated card priced at 15,000 coins or less is fantastic value.

Fabian (CM, Napoli) - 84 overall

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My favourite Ultimate Team squad is a Serie A roster that earned 17 wins on the way to pleasing FIFA 19 weekend league rewards. Yet it’s not a league which gets much community buzz, leading to some great TOTW bargains, such as Spanish midfielder Fabian. Widely available for 15K coins, he’s guaranteed to eventually bring in 19K if placed back on your transfer list.

Pay no more than: 15,500 coins

Ibrahima Wadji (ST, FK Haugesund) 

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Even silver TOTW items have huge value this year, often more so than low-rated gold ones. The world’s obsession with more expensive packs make cards of this variety hard to find, and increases their value way beyond that of their in-game attributes with each passing week. Nab Wadji for 10K and you should swiftly see a 4-5K profit.

Pay no more than: 11,000 coins

Ben Foster (GK, Watford) - 84 overall

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English TOTW players are always useful due to the number of Premier League SBCs that emerge each month, and as I write this Foster offers the best value for money. Available for 13K if you're patient with FIFA 19's open bid system, you should see instant profit by relisting him on the market with a Buy It Now price of 18K. Do it, do it, do it.

Pay no more than: 15,000 coins

Eder Militao (CB, FC Porto) - 81 overall

You're spoilt for choice in central defence at this stage, and Militao has been a FIFA 19 cult hero. With 80 pace, 85 jumping and 85 aggression he consistently outperforms that 81 OVR, although note that you're not buying this card strictly from an investment standpoint. Still, we're at the endgame point of FIFA 19, where you may as well play for fun than sell-on value.

Pay no more than: 21,000 coins

Alfred Finnbogason (ST, FC Augsburg) - 84 overall

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FIFA 19 saw EA implement regular Bundesliga ‘Player Of The Month’ cards for the first time, bringing the German top tier in line with its English equivalent. A knock-on effect is that Bundesliga TOTW cards are often as valuable as Premier League ones, as they’re needed for the regular POTM challenges. Finnbogason is your best bet for an investment return right now, shifting at around the 14K mark.

Pay no more than: 15,000 coins

Joshua King (CF, Bournemouth) - 82 overall

King is a bona fide ‘ENG 1’ TOTW bargain. The 6ft Norwegian generally outplays his base stats, holding off thuggish defenders despite a 74 Physical rating, and/or bursting away from them using his 92 Sprint Speed. This isn’t a card that’ll net you thousands if you choose to flip it, but it will deliver you a plentiful supply of key goals and assists.

Pay no more than: 19,000 coins

Dwight Gayle (ST, West Bromwich Albion) - 84 overall

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The advice offered re Ben Foster again applies here. With Premier League special cards highly sought after, the release of any SBC involving that competition causes Prem prices to skyrocket. And because English players link well to those Prem ones, TOTW cards of that nationality get a value boost too.  As a result you should always grab any English TOTWs you see on the market for less than 12K, then relist for 17K.

Pay no more than: 16,000 coins

FIFA 19 is out now. Looking for a bit more high-end spending? Then instead divert your attentions to our look at FIFA 19 ratings - the 10 best players you can buy in Ultimate Team.