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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Tips

Tour of the Menus 

The Squads menu is where you’ll be spending a good chunk of your time. From here, you will manage your entire club and the various squads within it that make up your Match Day configurations. Unlike most other Ultimate Team modes, you can have entirely different 'squads' put together to go out and accomplish tasks. You will need to create some squads to match the victory criteria of a challenge--such as have an all-German team--plus you can create your own custom squads based on whatever you'd like. Squads are one of the reasons FIFA Ultimate Team is so popular. We have an entire section dedicated to Squads in a little bit, so don't worry--we've got you covered!

Active Squad lets you edit your current squad that you’ll be using. My Squads brings up a list of all your current squads, as well as where you will create new ones from all the players on your team. Concept Squads is a new addition to FIFA Ultimate Team; here you’ll be able to plan out squads you want to build in the future. It also gives you an easy interface to search for players you want to get.

The Store is a wonderful and dangerous place. This is where you go to build your team up through purchases packs of cards. These packs contain players, coaching staff, uniforms, stadiums and more. While all packs are purchasable with coins, you can also purchase FIFA Points with money to buy packs--but you won't need to if you follow this guide!

Gold Packs takes you directly to Gold Packs in the store rather than going through Browse Packs. The bottom right area here contains the same messages as on the FUT Central Menu.

The Transfers screen is one you’ll definitely come to know and love, and happily spend hours perusing. The Transfer Market is where you’ll find cards put up for auction by other players of Ultimate Team. Using this, you’ll be able narrow a search to just the card you're looking for. You can also see a smattering of all the Gold level cards available by choosing Search Gold Players--however, you might get caught up in the moment and overspend for a card just because its auction is expiring soon. Don't do it!

You can put your own cards up for auction in the Transfer Market via the Transfer List screen. Transfer Targets is where you will find all the cards you are bidding on, or one that you’ve marked to watch. Search (Insert Team) Players uses your Favourite Team that is setup on your profile--so if you're partial to Everton or Barcelona footballers, this makes it easy to find them. However, we strongly recommend that you target players directly through the Transfer Market selection so as to avoid rash decisions based upon your love for a particular player or a club you support. Search Contracts will bring up all the Contract cards on the Transfer Market, beginning with those finishing the soonest. We've got a whole section all about the Transfer Market too!

On the My Club page, the My Club tile allows you to search through all of the players, staff, club items, etc that you currently have. Sort through club stats via Player Stats, including Games, Goals, Assists and Yellow and Red Cards. Leaderboards is the same tile from the FUT Central menu. Manager Tasks is a list of 18 things for you to do to get familiar with FUT as well as the location for Ultimate Team tutorials--another great place to visit early in your Ultimate Team career. Play A Friend’s Squad Results shows you how you fared against buddies. The Delete Club option is the ultimate kill switch; you can delete your club and start over from scratch. If you choose this option all of your Squads, Players, Coins and other items will be removed permanently. You probably don’t want to use that option.

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