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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Tips

Getting Started 

Let’s get started by taking a tour of the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team menus. After all, there are about 20 different directions you could go--so let's make sure you start the right way.

FUT Central is the main page you see when you jump into Ultimate Team. From here you’ll have the option to continue whatever play mode you were in last (Single Player Season as seen here), compare your team against your friends in the Leaderboard area, and see updates and messages from the team behind FUT in the bottom right.

The Play menu is where you’re going to get into the nitty gritty of playing FUT matches. In Single Player Season, you take on the computer in 10 game campaigns and, depending on how many points you earn, you can move up levels to earn more in-game currency. Online Season is the same concept, but you play against other online players rather than the CPU. Single Player Seasons are a great place to begin, with no real risk nor the chance to get smoked by a human opponent right from the start.

Single Player Tournaments are where you play a best-of-16 single elimination tournament vs the CPU. These tournaments usually have entry requirements that your squad must fit. For example, the Bronze International Shield requires you to have a squad of only Bronze players in the team’s starting 11 and subs, as well as minimum of three nations represented. Winning these tournaments will get coins and/or card packs. As with Online Seasons, Online Tournaments are the same as Single Player Tournaments, only against humans.

Team of the Week is where you can challenge the in-form players from the previous week of real life football. In-Form cards have black around the edges and have boosted stats compared to their regular counterparts.

In the bottom right of the Play menu are three options--Friendly Seasons, where you can play against someone on your friends list in a five game seasons, Online Single Match, where you play a one off game against a random online opponent, and Play A Friend’s Squad, here you play one of your friend’s squad but they players are controlled by the CPU.

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