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Far Cry 3 letters of the lost locations guide

North Island: Hubert Shore

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7 - Letter #9: Tadao’s First Letter

Map Coordinates: X: 632.5 Y: 601.4

To find this letter, simply enter the bunker along the beach and look for the body near the empty gun emplacement.

8 - Letter #8: Mogi’s Fourth Letter

Map Coordinates: X: 629.9 Y: 646.3

Just to the west of the Hubert Shore Power, on the hillside, you can find this letter under a wooden barricade, along with a couple loot boxes.

9 - Letter #10: Tadao’s Second Letter

Map Coordinates: X: 703.2 Y: 575.2

At a bunker, just west of the shoreline, you’ll easily find this body curled up inside on the ground.

10 - Letter # 13: Hayato’s Second Letter

Map Coordinates: X: 777.7 Y: 618.7

Just south of Nat’s Repairs to the far east, you’ll come across bunker that is partially down a hill on a slant. Enter the bunker and you’ll find the body to the left of the entrance.

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