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Far Cry 3 letters of the lost locations guide

North Island: Amanaki

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1 - Letter #2: Hyogo’s Letter

Map Coordinates: X: 362.6 Y: 709.7

This old chap can be found inside a destroyed bunker. Be sure to take a look around the bunker as well as there are plenty of chests to loot.

2 - Letter #4: Ren’s Letter

Map Coordinates: X: 380.0 Y: 741.3

On this small island between Dr. Earnhardst’s and Amanaki Town, there will be a small ruin of destroyed walls. Inside the small room, you’ll be able to find this soldier in corner.

3 - Letter #3: Mori’s Letter

Map Coordinates: X: 460.3 Y: 766.7

When you go to the letter’s location on the map, you will be on top of a hill. To access the body, you will need to north of the road and a little to the east to find a cave entrance. Follow the cave to the end and you will find the body in front of a torn flag.

4 - Letter #4 Mogi’s First Letter

Map Coordinates: X: 530.3 Y: 741.6

To the south of the map marker for the letter, you will see a large cave on the map. Make your way to it and enter. Follow the cavern around to the end where you will find a mountain gun. Look to the left side of the cave and find the body lying against the wall.

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