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How to evolve Galarian Darumaka into Darmantian in Pokemon Sword and Shield

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The Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex is filled with awesome new creatures to catch. Some of them are brand new, and some of them are exciting Galarian takes on classic Pocket Monsters. One of them is the adorable, very Abominable Snowman from Monster Inc-esque Galarian Darmanitan. It's not available in the wild, meaning you're going to have to catch Galarian Darumaka first. This version of Darumaka is only available in Pokemon Sword and is an Ice Type Pokemon this time around. You'll find it lurking around Route 8 and Route 10. 

Originally, this set of Pokemon were Fire Type, based on the  Daruma Dolls, who in turn were modelled on the found of Zen Buddhism, who was known for his bushy eyebrows. Unlike back in Gen 5, you won't just be able to evolve Darumaka into Darmanitan by simply getting it to level 38. Instead, you'll need to use an item. 

So, to evolve Galarian Darumaka into Darmantian - aka one of the best Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield - you'll need to grab an Ice Stone. The level of your Darumaka doesn't matter, you just need to use an Ice Stone on it - although we'd always advise levelling up your Darumaka first if you want a really powerful evolution. 

Where to find an Ice Stone in Pokemon Sword and Shield

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There isn't a PokeMart where you can just go and buy an Ice Stone in Pokemon Sword and Shield, so instead you'll need to find one somewhere in Galar, and there's one nestled in the Wild Area - specifically the Lake of Outrage. 

You'll need to have completed the sixth gym and unlocked the water traversing version of your bike first though. That's because you'll need to head over to the Lake of Outrage, cross the water to the other side and reach the circular rock formation that's lying there. There are Evolution Stones at the base of each of these rocks, so go grab them!

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